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Website Designs

Website Design 1

The first prototype is more dynamic, the colour palette is given by the structure and all parts of the sit. But the other one has a unique colour palette -greens and grey basically-. If the second prototype is structured in a two columns layout, the first one has a third one, giving to the site more professional look and offering more ideas within the same screen size.

Website Design 2

Those designs were developed fr an online beauty magazine.Both of them are done in a 960px.

In both examples I added attractive images with nice and warm colours but the main difference between them is the fact that the first one shows more text and content, whereas the second mock up -the one with the green shadow on the top- has its potential on the images displayed. The colour palette of the first one -blue and orange- is nicer to the reader.

The font type chosen on the second protoype is a little bit complicated to read so I decided to turn it to another easier and readable. Finally, as on the first one -colour palette blue and orange- I had planned to place the animated banner, I decided to make the footer a little bit thinner, giving more space on the top to place the advert. I changed as well the font type on it and I included more sections -as a sitemap-.